Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm in a health slump.

I can't blame my lacking workouts on my puppy, but I'd sure like to! When I get home from work, I. am. exhausted. And I feel like I need to spend time with her for the brief 4 hours between the time I walk in the door and the time my head hits the pillow. I've avoided committing to ANYTHING on weekdays simply because I feel an obligation to be with my family and specifically, my puppy dog. You wanna see energy...swing by my house on a Thursday evening after she's been asleep most of the week...

I have the utmost admiration and respect for you healthy, active mothers of two-leggers. Bless your hearts and hats off to you for all that you do!

I've been trying LOTS of new recipes, all of which have been WONDERFUL! And I think I may be loving them so much that I'm over-eating! I am loving the fall produce -- squash, sweet potatoes, pears...mmm! Everything is going so well in life...I'm happy. But there's not enough hours in the day.

Since starting work in June, I've managed a pathetic 1-2 evening workouts a week. LUCKILY, I have exercise equipment AT work to use on my lunch hour...however, lunches have been far and few between with the case load of patients I'm seeing! Luckily, as well, I play at least 1, if not 2, hockey games a week. This week, however, both games are tomorrow! Wish they could be spread throughout the week a bit! 

I'm making excuses, some valid...some not. In the midst of this busy work/home life, I discontinued my gym membership as I was not able to attend any of the weekday evening classes. I'm really thinking that I need to sign back up and commit to weekend evening trips to the gym 2-3 nights a week. Convince me I am being a bad dietitian, I need motivation to get my tush in gear! This whole 3...maybe 4...workouts a week is not acceptable and I can no longer use husband, puppy, work, or fatigue as excuses!

Off to the health food store. I plan to chat with husband on the way about me re-joining the gym and committing to a few evening workouts each week...

And would my Illini do SOMETHING positive at some point this season! Embarrassing...

Have a good Saturday! I hope it's as beautiful there as it is here!

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  1. Have you tried working out in the morning?? I swear, it makes me feel so much better during the day, even if I have to wake up earlier!! It seriously helps, a lot. When the endorphins are released so early, you feel good all day!