Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guinness, squash, and peanut butter

Gina, thanks for bringing the carb content of Guinness to my attention. Live and learn! Funny thing is, I can't even remember the last time I ordered anything other than a light, domestic beer. Oops!

After thorough research, both Guinness and cider beers are 10 grams of carbohydrate per 12 ounces. So, my two 12 ounce Black Velvets run me 1 1/2 carb choices (20 grams of carbohydrate). While this doesn't SEEM like a lot, it kinda is. Bud Light and other light domestic beers run between 3.2 and 6.5 grams of carbohydrate per 12 ounce serving.

Look at this beautiful fall produce I picked up today -- Granny Smith apples, pomegranate, acorn squash, butternut squash, and red pears (which are SUPER high in fiber!). Thanks for the squash recipes, I am DEFINITELY planning to make at least one of them this week!

I also saw a new product while waiting in line at, I had to try it. These bars are called "Full Bar" and come in a peanut butter and cocoa flavor. In my opinion, they're not worth the cost ($1.50) or calories (170 calories), they simply tasted like lightly chocolate-coated Smacks cereal -- nothing special. But, here's what they look like:

Other than Guinness carbohydrates being unbeknown to be, so was hydrogenated oil in peanut butter!! While I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I didn't know that, I'm not a peanut butter guru and consume it on a rare occasion. Now that I have to have protein-containing evening snacks, however, I purchased the raved about Smart Balance peanut butter. Check out the label, particularly the part that says, "No Hydrogenated Oil".


Half time is over, back to rooting on my Illini! Thanks for keeping me in check and providing me with yummy recipes, readers! I much appreciate it!


  1. Ok, I thought it may be more than one!! I guess this is part of the diabetic experiences, right?

    I used to eat the Smart Balance peanut butter, but Nick and I had to stop eating it because it started tasting and smelling like fish!! OBviously you aren't noticing the same problem. It is really good.

    I've seen the Full Bars and I figured they didn't taste special. The guy who "Created" them seemed sort of phony to me!

  2. ohh can't wait to see how you like the smart balance peanutbutter!!

    ehh those full bars did not keep me full - they are so airy!

  3. Hi Nicole,
    I absolutely LOVE Granny Smith Apples, and glad you picked some up. It's so nice to see them in the photo and they add so much color to many dishes.

    I agree the full bars are expensive; I make my own with a granola mixture and shape them into bars, cut and good to go.

    As an aside, I wanted to mention Nicole,
    thank you for your interest in Adriene's recipe.

    Here's a helpful tip and you may be able to look for this at your grocery store: They sell a product called Giovanni's Creme d'Anchoi. It's a small box, which contians a tube of fish paste-- approximately 2 oz. Hope this is helpful for making this great recipe.
    All the best,