Saturday, November 21, 2009

We have a donut problem.

I'll admit to a guilty pleasure: donuts. Though, donuts are [typically] an indulgence on a very rare occassion. ....Until about 3 weeks ago.

Three weeks ago, husband came home from Saturday morning errands with about 3 donuts. Between the 2 of us, they were consumed as breakfast. Eaten, enjoyed, and done with. Until the following Saturday when he did the same thing! We stopped for gas and as I was pumping gas, he went in to the gas station and emerged laden with 4 donuts. Ugh. Those lasted Saturday AND Sunday morning. TWO days of poor breakfast choices! Two WEEKENDS of poor breakfast choices. Shame!

Then today I was out running morning errands and I went into the gas station as my gas was pumping and bought 3 donuts. I walk in the door and husband had stopped by the donut shop and picked up 5 donuts, one of which he'd already consumed. And in the midst of blogging, another one hits the dust (him, not me). I'm yet to indulge and I'm thinking I'll hold off in hopes that husband goes to town on the darn things! (Husband is one of those people who can eat what they want, all that they want, and as often as they want without any adverse effects such as.......WEIGHT GAIN. Terd.).

Bad, bad, BAD!!!!!

Husband and I just pow-wowed and decided this habit has GOT to go. While donuts are not the worst of all evils they are a COMPLETE waste of calories and fat...and contain NO nutritional value whatsoever. At all! They fall far into the "20%" of my 80-20 guidelines! I vow to you, blog world, to cut the donut habit we have formed. Back to the good'ole days of the very occasional guilty pleasure.

ANYWAYS... ::eye roll at self::

A patient brought me some fresh home-grown turnips yesterday and I haven't a CLUE what to do with them. For the record, I am not a fan of anything "pickled" (okra, beets, etc.).

Any ideas on how to deliciously indulge in my new vegetable?

I tried Kay's Naturals gluten-free Apple Cinnamon cereal this morning and it was very good! It held it's crunch really well in milk, to my pleasant surprise. However, I was hungry 2 hours after I had breakfast. I was surprised at this because of the high protein content. I'll give it another shot for breakfast and see it it wasn't a fluke. Hopefully, because it was really good!!!

And on a completely unrelated topic...a debate, if you will.
Question: If someone is a "vegetarian" and they consume meat occasionally, are they still a vegetarian or are they a Flexitarian?

I guess I don't "get" labels. I think that there's a lot of benefits of both meat-containing and meat-free diets. Personally, I aim to consume at least 1 if not 2 meat-free meals a day. I eat red meat on a very rare occasion, not only because I don't prefer it, but also because of the high saturated fat content and the assocation between red meat intake and cancer, such as colon and breast cancers. Seafood, however, I could never give up.

I also do think it's somewhat hypocritical to be a vegetarian for reasons such as animal rights and then to consume eggs and milk that are not organic or from free-range animals. It's very true that conditions for chickens, hens, and cows are cruel and inhumane.

Thoughts on this?
I ask because of this post.


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And just for fun...Lily in a tutu

Here she is a few months ago...she's grown so much!!!
She only snores more and eats more now!

We're off to the dog park...have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Donuts are EASY to get addicted to! When Nick and I first started dating we went to a pumpkin festival and the entire time we were there we waited in line for a fresh batch of pumpkin donuts!! haha, it was so funny.

    Love your dog :)

    And yes, they would be considered a flexitarean, NOT a true vegetarian. If you eat even a little bit of meat, you are not a vegetarian, take it form me, as I used to call myself a vegetarian in high school and my friends would always call me out when I ate even the littlest bits of meat!

  2. Been there done that on the addiction. We didn't have dunkin donuts in Vegas until like maybe 2 years ago and once they started popping up all over the place we were hooked because it reminded us of back east. Mostly I got egg and cheese sandwiches there but we often had donuts too.

    As for vegetarians that occasionally eat meat, I am going to go with flexitarian. I eat eggs, dairy and fish. Here on the island everything is pretty much free range anyway so I am good on the eggs and dairy. Not kiding my neighbors chickens rarely stay in their pen and occasionally visit my house. Talk about free range! We our eggs from him usually. And the cows here run free as in so free I sometimes use my blinker to signal passing some moving from field to field.

    But then again I have other reasons for being a vegetarian, namely an issue with texture. I also do not agree with many of the practices, but sometimes economy plays a role too in selecting foods. After experiencing it here I would probably stick to free range only because I watch the animals all day long out my window and I truly think they enjoy their days of roaming the open fields. I personally do not eat anything with any chicken (including fat, stock, broth whatever), beef, pork, including gelatin. I am very strict when it comes to what I limit, but I reintroduced fish into my diet while studying to become a RD (after 7 years of not eating it).

  3. I would say they'd be considered a flexitarian. To be truly a vegetarian, you can't eat meat (although eggs are excluded from this). If you eat fish, you're considered a pescetarian. But even a flexitarian will help you health and the environment in more ways than one.

  4. Good post -

    1. I LOVE donuts! They are my fav and if I get my hands on some, there is no self restraint. They have some good ones here in Singapore also. Luckily, there aren't any shops nearby. Good luck with kicking the habit.

    2. I also question sometimes the "animal rights" reasoning behind people who decide to go vegetarian or something similar, especially if they've only been exposed to animals via a book or tv program. Of course, coming from a beef farm, I have my own biases. I have come across a great UK show about a guy who has his own mini-farm and makes due from it. I love it! :) (

    3. Love Lily too :D

  5. What interesting thoughts - your blog is great! I'm not too sure about the labels - I feel like there are so many of them: pescatarian, flexitarian, etc that I only worry about it if I'm having someone over and need to know what they eat and don't eat! :)

  6. I think the point of labels is to "force" yourself to eat a certain way. By saying you are a vegetarian, you commit to eating only certain foods. Honestly, I would never be able to do that. I rarely eat meat/fish, but I would never want to deny myself something I craved. I guess it makes sense if you truly want to follow that path, but you are completely right that it does seem hypocritical for vegetarians with animal rights stands to eat dairy and eggs that are not produced humanely. If you commit to something, you should understand the full extent as to what you are getting involved in.


  7. Hi! I just found your blog:) and no worries, who DOESNT love doughnuts! And I am so a fan of being a flexitarian, otherwise you feel guilty if you want a food that isn't in your "label" or even more guilty if you eat something that isnt!!

    I look forward to reading more posts:)

    <3, D

    ps: chopp your turnip into cubes or strips, like matchsticks, drizzle with evoo and toss with salt, pepper, garlic, red pepper flakes, or whatever you herbs/spices you feel like! maybe add some chopped carrot and potatoes and roast them in the oven! SO good!!!