Thursday, November 12, 2009

Confessions of an Unliked Green Monster

There's a Green Monster Movement, did you know? Yesterday I decided it was time I finally give a green smoothie a shot...

Into the blender went 1 1/2 cups frozen spinach, 1 frozen banana, 4 frozen strawberries and...

...1 cup skim milk, agave nectar and honey. About 1 1/2 tsp of each.

 I got out my dizzy glass (that's what Crate and Barrel calls them anyways), and was pumped to enjoy my Green Monster!!

However, it tasted like spinach. And I love spinach, but not in liquid form.
So, Lily got the Green Monster....and loved it. Thank goodness husband doesn't read my blog, it'd be off with my head!!

I'm really disappointed I didn't love my first Green Monster. Especially after yesterday's post about increasing fruits and vegetables!!! I felt ashamed like I should've liked it. I went on to make a fruit smoothie (one of my claims to fame should there ever be one, haha) and had a spinach salad for diner.

Regretfully, I am not on board with the Green Monster Movement as of trial #1. But I'm willing to give it another go, most definitely! Does anyone have a Green Monster recipe they LOVE? Did anyone else not enjoy their first Green Monster?


  1. Don't feel ashamed; I think it's okay to human. We know Lily liked it :) Keep trying 'til you find your Green Monster within.

    Have a wonderful day,

  2. ICK. ACK. YUK. Spinach just doesn't belong in a smoothie. No green monster for me -- unless it has Kiwi and Lime in it!

  3. I would have to say gross to the green monster. I love an all fruit smoothie with just a little bit of apple or orange juice.

  4. Ok, I made my first Green Monster using forzen spinach and it tasted WAY TOO MUCH like spinach too. I posted about it and apparently you're supposed to use FRESH spinach, not frozen. I guess that makes a huge difference. SO perhaps you could try it again with fresh. I haven't yet, it was too traumatizing the first time, haha. Glad Lily liked it!

  5. Make small amounts until you find a recipe you like. also start out using more fruit and yogurt than spinach. Slowly work up your spinach amount.

  6. Maybe I'm weird, but I love them... Here are a couple of tips.
    1. FRESH spinish/kale/greens only. Frozen is the opposite of yum.
    2. I don't use frozen fruit, but fresh banana goes in every one I make, I think that the fresh banana taste cuts the spinish taste almost completely.

    Go fresh, and please write about that attempt! :D


  7. I use almond milk, banana, vanilla protien powder, cinnamon (or pumpkin pie spice) and fresh spinach. I love it. I think it might be the frozen spinach. Try fresh and see if its better. I don't taste spinach in mine, only the banana and spices.