Sunday, November 29, 2009

Airport Mishap, Larabars, and Giveaway Winners!

Firstly, I have missed the blog world! My brief 2 1/2 days in Chicago were jam-packed with family, friends, and food. I look forward to catching up my blog-rollers today at some point!

Mom and I did manage to squeeze in a step class yesterday morning. It was supposed to be step + strength, but she decided to kick our butts with an hour of step. It annoyed me to great lengths that the instructor of the class did her helicopters going the opposite way I've I had trouble keeping up with those because my body knew what it wanted to do already!

And then my luck continued at O'Hare Security...

Background story: In April (I think it was April) heading back to Tulsa from my Bachelorette Party, I forgot about a can of hairspray in my carry-on. My bag got searched and my poor, over-loaded packing skills allowed for "Tickle His Pickle," lingerie, personal lubricants, and all other sex-related personal items given to me by friends, to spew from my suitcase as the older gentleman searched the bag and stander-byes pointed, snickered, and laughed. I tried explaining that it was my Bachelorette Party this weekend and I was heading for home, but I just received an annoyed "whatever, nympho" stink eye. A-w-k-w-a-r-d.

Fast-forward to yesterday when my handbag didn't make it through the scanner. A gentlemen asked me to step to the side, and asked if there was anything in my bag he needed to know about, as he searched my bag. Told me not to touch anything. He pulled out books, iPod, magazines, wallet, sunglasses, gum...the usual. He ran the bag again and again it looked suspicious. In the VERY VERY bottom of my bag was a paring knife I had brought to work to cut up an apple WEEKS ago. So the security guy 1) thought I was lying because I didn't tell him it was in there when he asked (didn't know!!!!), 2) it was shoved to the bottom, and 3) it was wrapped in a paper towel and Ziplock. Thank goodness I don't look like a crazy person? Scarily, that same knife was in my bag coming from Tulsa to Chicago. Hmmm. Anyways, husband was pretty embarrassed.

Thankfully we're driving up for Christmas? :)

While in Chicago, I was able to visit my personal paradise: TRADER JOE'S!!! I don't know what was more exciting, the wine sample guy being from south Tulsa and nearly demanding we try every wine he had, or that I finally found these LARABARS everyone's been raving about! Trader Joe's was a much-needed fix in this RD's heart. Oh, and Chianti...had to get SEVERAL bottles of the various Chianti's TJ's carries...Mmm!

Ends up, these LARABARS are worth the chatter. I tried the "Cherry Pie" bar this morning and it was delicious! These bars are 190-210 calories and loaded with MUFA's and PUFA's...mostly MUFA's! They're like a protein bar in consistency, but the protein content is low-to-moderate -- the bars are high in fat and carbohydrates. The "Cherry Pie" LARABAR contained NO sodium, 350 mg potassium, 4 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of MUFA's. The ingredients? Get ready.....dates, almonds, unsweetened cherries. The bars are gluten, dairy, and soy free and also contain 2 grams of omega-6's. Wish it was omega-3's but nonetheless, thumbs up, LARABAR!!

Lots to try!

Complaint: Size. I wanted more!!

And, of course...Newman's Own Organics GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!
Allison and Andrea!!

Giveaway 1: The Cookie Monster
Newman's Own Organics Champion Chip Cookies (Chocolate)
Newman's Own Organics Ginger Hermits
Newman's Own Organics 54% cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar

Winner of Giveaway #1: Allison!!!!
(THANK YOU for the pumpkin pancake recipe -- making them tonight!!)

Giveaway 2: The Smorgasborg
 Newman's Own Organics White Cheddar Soy Crisps
Newman's Own Organics California Prunes
Newman's Own Organics 54% cocoa Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar

Winner of Giveaway #2: Andrea of Andrea's Wellness Notes 

Send me your addresses, ladies and I'll hopefully get those out to you tomorrow!
Thank you to all for participating!!

Off to pick-up our pup who's been at over-night camp for 3 days now...can't wait to see baby girl! Have a wonderful Sunday, bloggies!


  1. OMG, that airport story was hilarious!

    Glad you had fun in Chicago - its where I live - well, 55 miles NW but close enough! :D

    I heart Trader Joe's too - I may have to make a TJ run today!

  2. Oh UGH, I HATE airport security!! I am cracking up over your story about the bachelorette party "goodies" falling out of your bag. Many that must have been embarrassing! And the paring knife? I think that's something that would happen to me. Last time I was at the airport I had an entirely new jar of White Chocolate Wonderful that they had to take from me and throw away because I didn't know PASTE counted as FLUID! What a bummer.

    I'm glad you had a good time in Chicago, and a stop at Trader Joe's makes any trip worth it! Welcome back :)

  3. oh my gosh that is so funny!!
    i havent been to trader joes.. im so jelous! im sure i'd be in heaven!

  4. Trader Joe's is my favorite! If you can try the PB&J Larabar that is my fav ;-)

  5. Congreats to both winners. I am glad you got to enjoy TJ's and get some larabars. I should have a package tomorrow with lots of larabars I won and I am so excited. One of my fave things to do when visiting at home is hit up trader joes. As a bonus the other day my mom claled me from the store and walked the aisles and shopped for me. I may have hinted on my blog I wanted some goods from there and I am glad my mom read that!

  6. Your airport stories are so funny! I am sure it wasn't that much fun at the moment, but they are great stories to tell... :)

    And I can't believe I won!!!! Thank you!!! I'll email you right now! :)

  7. Larabars are pretty tasty. Not my favorite bars, but still worthy of my mouth! haha

    Enjoy your pup! I know I enjoyed mine! :D

  8. Ugh, airport security is a mess! Glad to hear you made it out okay and aren't still stuck waiting forever at the airport!

  9. Ack! You mentioned Trader Joe's. Have not been there in like 2 months. What's my problem?? Geesh.

  10. An RD... named Nicole... who is a blogger and lives in TULSA?! That is a crazy coincidence! I live in Sacramento now, but grew up in Tulsa (and I am here currently for Thanksgiving.) I'm excited to have found your blog and would love to share ideas. Wish I had found your blog before the contest had ended though!


    Nicole Geurin, RD

    PS. I voted for the shiraz/syrah!

  11. Thanks for tweeting about my contest! To be honest, I'm not as clued in about what's fun to do in Tulsa anymore. I enjoy... The Wild Fork restaurant in Utica Square, shopping and music at the Jenks Riverwalk, catching Broadway shows downtown at the Preforming Arts Center, coffee at Nordaggios, bars on Brookside, brunch/touring the gardens at the Philbrook Museum, video games at Dave and Busters (although I've never actually been to the one in Tulsa), picnicing at Wordward park, biking along Riverside. Sports are always good; maybe you could sign up for a run. How long have you been living in T-town?