Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Smorgasbord

I must be lucky...I have just received my second giveaway prize in the mail, and another on the way (Krema PB!)! Today I received the Pure Organics prize from this sweetie of a blogger (her blog is HILARIOUS if you're looking for some new blog material!). For my morning snack I had the Apple Cinnamon mini Pure Organics bar and let me just say....yummmm!

Ingredients: organic dates, organic apples, organic agave nectar, organic walnuts, organic cashews, organic almonds, organic rice protein concentrate, organic minerals, organic cinnamon.

To Allison and Andrea: 
I JUST went to the post office...your Newman's Own Oraganic products are on their way! 

Sally from NOO and I have been in communication and I pleased to hear that both Akins and Whole Foods stores near me carry NOO products. I just hope they carry the hermits...!! NOO is such a wonderful company, I feel so blessed to have come across such wonderful people and products!

Last night, husband and I split dinner duty as I had boot camp. As to not be eating dinner at 10pm, husband was in charge of making wild rice. He did pretty good...maybe a bit more stirring action was needed, but hey...I'm not complaining!

Look at that wild rice...goooooigeous!! It was so nutty and rich in flavor.

I had a virgin cocktail last night...Baja Bob's (sugar-free) Pina Colada! What can I say, I was craving it!

My contribution to dinner was Biggest Loser "Fried" Chicken....always a good choice!
And on my wild rice...nutritional yeast! It was really good!

And a fresh field greens salad : )

Some of my "regulars" brought me a little gift yesterday (I know, not supposed to accept gifts from patients...but it was FOOD!) -- POPS CHIPS! Besides Terra veggies chips, I'm very "take'em or leave'em" when it comes to crunchy, salty snacks. Pops Chips, however, are pretty much amazing! They're a cross-over between a rice cake and a potato chip -- 100 calories per serving! And supposedly my local Target carries them, so keep your eye out! Sorry I don't have a picture, husband was on a rampage last night cleaning away.

Same goes for my LARABAR wrapper (doesn't husband know by now that I'm not throwing out my trash because I'm lazy but rather, because I'm a blogger! Doh, hubby!). I tried the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar and it was pretty incredible. The apple pie was good, but the peanut butter cookie was phenom.

And as a marathon runner, I have to address Biggest Loser last night. Lame.

60 days to train for a marathon? Who in their right mind finds that feasible? Safe? Fun? Not me. Not a doctor. Not a personal trainer. These people are still obese and NO body is made to run 26.2 miles. Each of my marathons have required 4 1/2 MONTHS of training and I barely survived the second race. I dunno, just really not "smart" on The Biggest Loser's part.

And to quote one of my patient's on Danny's 59-pound weight loss in 60 days: "That aint safe." I have such a love/hate relationship with that show, but no doubt will I be tuned in to the finale next week.
Will youu?

Does anyone have any favorite healthy holiday cookie recipes? 
My taste testing at work next week is holiday cookies and I actually don't have any tried and true cookie recipes! Anyone???

My neighborhood was decked out to the extreme in lights yesterday (Dec. 1st...makes sense). So I ask...

What are you ask for from Santa this Christmas?
Husband and I purchased a treadmill as our gift to one another (I mean from Santa...). So excited!

Happy Hump Day!

P.S. THANK YOU to all who read my blog. 
Things have really picked up here as of lately, and I couldn't be happier about it! Whether you read on a daily basis or an infrequent basis, I appreciate your support. I love writing and I appreciate all you readers! Any questions can always be passed along to !
And for those whom I follow...there are a lot of you! I try my darndest to keep up with all the hard work and creativity you put into your blogs! I am always amazed by the wealth of knowledge and enjoyment the blog world brings! Cheers!


  1. Oooh that rice looks delish!

    I agree with you completely about the biggest loser. It took me months to train for a HALF marathon and I was in pretty good shape before!

    But I'll be watching the finale too haha

  2. I was shocked that they ran a marathon after 60 days of training - I'm working on a half marathon and my training program is 12 weeks!

    I will also tune into next week's episode - I am unfortunately hooked on that show

  3. Oh, YOU WILL love having a treadmill in your house! MY mom got me one for xmas 2 years ago. It is so convenient. Even if I just do a light walk on it some nights...something is better than nothing! Plus, I go on it while i watch tv.
    I asked for some free weights this year (From my mom). My husband pays for my WW right now too. :)

  4. I got some lara bars in the mail and I loved the PB one and apple pie too. I also have Krema on the way! Yay, congrats to you on your wins. It is super nice for me since we have no access to some of this food here as this island is considered remote.

  5. Congrats! That's so fun! I love getting stuff in the mail :)

  6. I love wild rice. I haven't had it in awhile, so this make me want to get some. Nutritional yeast is also a great topping. I often use it on pasta, like a substitution for parmesan.

  7. Those bars sound great! What a fabulous ingredient list!

    I just love wild rice. It's such a delicious and healthy change from the usual white or brown!


  8. You ARE lucky! I have yet to win a giveaway, ha!

    I really like Pure bars though ... a great thing to win ; )

  9. always nice to follow along with you Nicole

  10. I got that box of goodies from NOO over the summer - it is LOADED with stuff, you won't believe it! The absolute best thing that came with those products was the dried apples - I'd never had them before and eat them ALL the time now! Dried apple RULE!

    I feel the same way about TBL and the whole marathon thing. It seems like they are trivializing such a big event almost. I'll still be watching though!

  11. I found your blog through my girlfriend, Jenny, and that looks soooo yummy! And what a fun giveaway!

  12. Yay! You got it! Wish I had more for me, especially that blueberry, baby!

  13. that dinner looks SOO GOOD!!

    im so glad we both like modern family!! gosh we would get along so great.

    my fav holiday cookie is anything with peppermint+chocolate..& one of the things im askin santa for is a food processor (such a food blogger-i know!!)

  14. Congrats on getting more readers, that's awesome! Your blog is so informative, so I'm not in the least bit surprised.

    Looks like the hubbie made some delicious rice, I LOVE a good wild rice.

    I agree with you about the biggest loser. What the heck ?? I mean, a marathon in 60 days?! I'm sorry but that's just not realistic, or as you said, safe.

    I am asking for a lot of small things for Christmas, including som GCs and clothes. Very exciting.